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Models are infiltrated in order to obtain visual and mechanical characteristics,
Different infiltrations can be done and will depend on what you are looking for.

It has the same attributes as candle wax that is a low-resistance but allows to fill the pores of the object, give a smooth surface, and great colours rendering.
Wax can only be use with plaster.

Epoxy resin:
Chemical substance that gives a great mechanical resistance, wet and temperature strength to your prototype. Epoxy resin infiltration skill allows machine-finish, adding insets or bearing, which make possible to assemble your prototype with production pieces.
Epoxy resin is usually used with plaster, but can also be used with cellulose.

Rapid strong glue that has a good mechanical resistance and a good colours rendering.
It is used with plaster.

Synthetic rubber that give flexibility to the model.
It is used with cellulose.

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