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Terms and conditions

Acceptance of the terms:
d3Dprint provides you with its services under the terms and following conditions, which can be put-with-day in the course of time without notification. Moreover, when you take part in certain promotions and new services, you can be prone to additional specified rules which are particular with specific offers on our site. All these rules are built-in in the reference.

You understand and accept that the services are provided under the current conditions. d3Dprint has the right, at any time to stop one service or part of the service, in a permanent or temporary way, without notification. You accept that d3Dprint with its only discretion can stop your use of its services and destroy contents for any reason including but not limited to the violation of these terms and conditions. You accept that d3Dprint is not responsible of all losses or damage which you might endure following the modification, suspension, or with the stop of services. You accept that d3Dprint is not responsible to the damage and losses following the inappropriate use of its products, like the use by children below 12 years and with animals. The products cannot be used as liquid containers.

Personal data:
In the light of the use of our services, you agree to provide your veracious, right, current and complete details. Your personal and any other details on your person are under private data protection.

User account, password and safety:
You are responsible to maintain the confidentiality of your account and password thatyou created following the recording procedure and you are entirely responsible for all the activities which proceed under your account and password. You agree to immediately notify d3Dprint of an unauthorized uses of your account/password and any other failure of safety. You are responsible to ensure that you close your account at the end of each session. Under any circumstance, d3Dprint will be responsible on the loss or the damage incurred following the failure of this observation.

Files submission:
It is of your responsibility to maintain a copy of the original file. d3Dprint is not responsible for accidental damage caused to your media or for the accuracy of the final part delivered.   d3Dprint can limit the size of the downloaded contents. Until the digital file could be evaluated by d3Dprint, no promise and payment can be made on d3Dprint skills to work on the downloaded media, and no responsibility is assumed for the problems that can occur.

General terms of purchase:
The acceptance of the orders is prone to the reception of the payment. The cancellation of order is prone to the compensation of the incurred costs and the dependent obligations. The estimates are based on the exactitude of the specifications that you entered. d3Dprint can reappraise a request at any time of the procedure if the files submission is not-in conformity with the previous estimate based on original data. A reasonable variation of the colors between the original file and the end product is foreseeable. When these variations are noted, they are seen as an acceptable performance. There is no legal bond or penalty about the delivery periods. The complaints for damage or defects must be submitted in writing with the return of the parcel including a non-open seal on the object package within 10 working days after delivery. If no complaint is made, d3Dprint and yourself will agree on d3Dprint service as entirely satisfactory in all the terms, conditions and specifications.

You guarantee that the object submitted to the impression is not under copyright of a third party. You also recognize that the subject does not need to carry a mark of copyright to be protected by the law; the absence of this mark inevitably does not mean the right to reproduce it. You also agree to guarantee that no mark of copyright is removed from the file submitted for printing. In order to confirm its guarantees, you agree to compensate and support all the legal bonds, lawyer damage and expenses rising from a legal action related to a non-respect of the copyright including a returned work or product. You also guarantee that work does not contain anything that not respects private, personal or economic freedoms of a third party. You will defend promptly and fully d3Dprint in all the legal actions on these subject with your whole load since d3Dprint informs you of all legal actions and grants within a reasonable time. In order to lead a defense d3Dprint reserves the right to use its discretion to refuse the impression of all materials not respecting this law.

No service of resale:
You accept to not reproduce, duplicate, copy, sell, resell or exploit in any commercial purposes part or entire services, use of the services or access to the services.

You include/understand expressly and accept that the services that are provided are provided to the current conditions, and on the basis of current availability. All the conditions, representations, and guaranteed which are expressed or implied, statutory, or others, including without limitation, any insinuation of guarantee of commercial potential or adaptation for a particular matter, or any guarantee of not-transgression of the rights of a third, by the present one are repudiated at the maximum permitted by the law. d3Dprint does not represent anybody at all, guaranteed the accuracy, opportunity, quality, the adequacy, the availability, or the totality of the service without limitation to above mentioned, d3Dprint does not represent, nor guaranteed that: (1) the use of the service will be sure, within the times, stopped, or without errors. (2) the services will answer all your requests. (3) All the stored data will be correct. (4) the quality of the products, services, information, or another material used, or bought by you through our services will answer your requests. (5) Errors or defects will be corrected. (6) the services or the suppliers of services are without virus or the components without damage. No oral opinion or written information given by d3Dprint, its employees or its representatives will create a guarantee and you do not owe you proud solely with this information or opinion.

Limitation of the responsibility:
Under no circumstances, d3Dprint and its partners, or its directors, employees, shareholders, representatives, agents, or partners are responsible for all direct, indirect, accidental, special, consequent damages, or specimens, including but not limiting to loss of profits, goodwill, use, given, or other intangible losses resulting from: (1) use or inaptitude to use the services and products; (2) expenses of purchase of a good of substitution and services resulting from goods, data, information, or services bought or obtained or received messages or transactions entered, through our services; (3) unauthorized accesses or the deterioration of the transmissions or data; (4) Expression or control of a third on the services; (5) or another subject connected to our services.

You agree to compensate and support d3Dprint and its subsidiary, associated, agents, partners, salesmen, employed or to provide damage if complaints or requests including of reasonable the lawyer expenses, made by a third following the contentious contents, or transmitted by our services, use of our services, the violation of terms and usual term, or violation of the rights of a third.

Link to third sites:
The links posted on our site, are not under the control of d3Dprint and d3Dprint is not responsible for their contents of all affiliated sites or links on the site. d3Dprint provides you with links for your use and the inclusion of this link on the Web site of d3Dprint does not include the support of d3Dprint for this site.

d3Dprint is opened to your remarks and comments. You accept of (1) that your ideas are automatically the property of d3Dprint, without compensation in your connection, and (2) that d3Dprint can use these ideas for any matter and in all the cases to give them to third parties. All the comments provided to d3Dprint are under a clause of not-confidentiality. d3Dprint is free to use them, reproduce, reveal, and to distribute them without restriction.

Confidentiality and management of the private data:
We know that you worry about the way we treat your files and data, and we appreciate that you trust us that we will act judiciously. This note describes our manner of managing the private data. We keep information which you entered when you sign for an account or when you place an order. We use this information in order to answer your request and to communicate to you by email, telephone or by mail or by providing you promotions. We do not sell or not share your personal data with thirds nonaffiliated to d3Dprint or Day-Technologies SA. We can from time to time change this rule on your request and our needs to reflect the accuracy of our capture of the data and disclosure principles. The use of information that we follow is prone to the rule of management of the private data and confidentiality with immediate effect.

d3Dprint is a department of Day-Technologies SA